June 15, 2024

8 Reasons to Keep Dancing This Summer

Reasons to Keep Dancing This Summer

In the summer, when the sun goes down and a soft breeze blows through the trees, we should let go of our fears and accept how things are. Dance is an old art form that is a great way to enjoy the season of life and color. What matters is how good you are at dancing or how much you just enjoy the sport. Dancing has many perks outside of the dance floor. 

Now that it’s warmer outside and the days are longer, here are 8 great reasons to keep .

Reason 1: If you train during the off-season for dance, you’ll have a “leg up.”

There is a regular season and an off-season for every event. A lot of dancers don’t work out in the summer. She started the Dance Teacher Network on Facebook, and this is what she says.

Lepperd added, “But athletes still practice and sometimes do specialty training during the off-season to keep their training up to date and maybe even learn something new that can add to what they already know.”

“Dance is the same. When it comes to dance, a dancer who just keeps up with their regular classes will be far ahead of their friends who took the summer off. People who do go on an intensive will learn new skills that make them stand out from their friends and family.

Dancing in summer is pure joy. The warm sun on your skin, the carefree atmosphere, and the infectious rhythm of the music all combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Reason #2: Being free in the summer lets you “taste” different dance styles

“Summer training isn’t so much about getting better at technique as it is about giving dancers chances to try out different styles without having to take extra classes.” This is what Annette Milone-Singuenza, who runs the dance school A Place to Dance in Maspeth, NY, says.

“Being free in the summer lets you “taste” different kinds of dance at dance shows, conventions, workshops, and master lessons. These steps help the dancer decide where and how to give it their all.

Summer festivals are the perfect places to experience the magic of dancing in summer. With stages hosting a variety of musical genres and crowds filled with enthusiastic dancers, these events create a sense of community and shared celebration.

Reason #3: If you take the summer off, you’ll be three steps behind when you start back in the fall

Adrienne Kellett believes that dancers who don’t keep taking classes over the summer find it hard to get back into it and may even become lazy. It is Kellett’s job to run the Throw Down Dance Challenge events.

Someone told Kellett, “It’s taking back what was done.” “The dancer needs about three months to get back to where they were. People who really want to learn should take as many dance lessons as they can all year long.

Reason #4: Dancers can use the extra time to work on more complicated moves

“Kids don’t have to worry as much in the summer, and when they start dancing, they only think about dancing.” Stefanie Salaman, who runs the school at the Bronx, NY’s Performers Edge Dance Academy, concurs.

“That being said, dancers tend to focus on the more complicated things, like tightening their abs, working on a higher relevé, and getting flexible so they can do a battement correctly.” Dancers work on all of these things during the season, but in the summer, they will learn more about their bodies.

Reason #5: These events give you a chance to grow in ways other than dance

“Training in the summer is very helpful at my studio,” Salaman said. “It can be workshops, weekly classes, intensives, or camps, and it always leads to good results and helps each person become a better person as well as a better dancer.” In fun lessons and intensives, dancers not only learn how to dance, but also how to be independent and get ready for the world of professional dance.

Evenings spent relaxing with friends in the backyard can turn into impromptu dancing in summer sessions.

Reason #6: Training during the summer makes you more sure that dancing is a part of your life

“Summer is a time for dancing, fun, and vacations!” Since dancing is a way of life, it’s important to keep up with your training during these months to keep the skills you worked so hard on all year. No one knows this better than experienced dancer Karla Garcia, who was a finalist on Season 5 of “So You Think You Can Dance” and is now performing in Hamilton on Broadway.

“It’s also important for going back to your studio in the fall.” It will be easier and go more smoothly for you to get back to a full dance routine.

Reason #7: There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon than dancing

“On top of everything else, dancing in summer is so much fun!” Garcia went on. “Expansions are great places to meet new people and take classes with other dancers and teachers from all over the country. These things help you grow as an artist.” By the end of summer, you’ll be READY to go back in full force in the fall.

Reason #8: Physical Fitness

Moving around is great in the summer, and dancing is a fun and effective way to work out your whole body. From the smooth steps of ballet to the lively beats of salsa, dancing works muscles you didn’t even know you had. It makes you more flexible, stronger, and better for your heart. That being said, why not go to the dance floor instead of the gym and work out while having fun?

As the summer unfolds in all its glory, let us accept the call to keep dancing in summer —to move with purpose, groove with passion, and dance without limits. Because in the beat of our hearts and the tune of our minds, we find the limitless power of the human spirit and the way that dance can change, inspire, and bring us all together.

Summer dancing at Sumeet’s Step2Step Bollywood Dance Academy London is more than just a fun activity; it’s a lively party that goes beyond just moving. It’s a tapestry made of cultural history and the boundless energy of community. It’s what happiness looks like.

If you come to Sumeet’s Step2Step Bollywood Dance Academy to learn how to dance, you’re not just getting lessons; you’re also sharing a celebration of life’s rhythms, where every step is a sign of the unbreakable spirit of joy and unity.

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