May 31, 2024

What Is Bollywood Dance & Its Basics

What Is Bollywood Dance & Its Basics

So, not too long ago, most people in the West didn’t really know much about Indian cinema. But let me tell you, it’s something special! These movies are filled with amazing costumes, gigantic sets, and actors who are like superstars in Asia. And get this – the Indian film industry is massive, one of the biggest out there! And one of the coolest things about it? Bollywood dance! 

You might’ve heard the term “Bollywood” thrown around before – it’s a mix of “Hollywood” and “Bombay,” the old name for Mumbai, the heart of Indian cinema. Now, thanks to the internet, folks all over are starting to dig Bollywood dance, even if they’ve never seen the movies. But what exactly is Bollywood dance, you ask? Let’s dive in and find out!

Bollywood movies! They whisk us away with their colorful stories, beautiful clothes, and of course, the amazing dance numbers. Ever felt that itch in your feet to move along with the actors? Well, guess what? You can! Learn Bollywood Dance and discover the joy of dancing Bollywood style.

Tradition of Bollywood Dance

Alright, let’s break it down! So, way back in ancient times, Indian classical dance was a big deal. It was all about religious stuff and telling stories through dance – pretty cool, huh? Then, fast forward to the 20th century. Indian filmmakers thought, “Hey, why not jazz things up a bit?” So, they took those classic dance styles and mixed them with more chill folk dances. And guess what? People loved it! I mean, India’s got so much diversity, it’s like a cultural melting pot! 

Then came the Hollywood influence. Choreographers started adding Western dance moves like jazz and ballroom into the mix. And by the 1970s, disco fever hit Bollywood! Picture this: groovy moves, catchy tunes – it was a blast! One awesome example is the song “Mehbooba Mehbooba” from the 1975 movie ‘Sholay.’ It’s like East meets West on the dance floor – totally epic!

Learn Bollywood Dance and turn exercise into a party! It’s a blast that gets your body moving, helps you coordinate like a pro, and puts a big smile on your face.

An Evolving Art        

Bollywood is always on the move, always trying new things! With so many movies coming out, they’re always looking for fresh ideas. This means they’re not just sticking to tradition – they’re mixing it up with what’s hot and happening right now. From the 1980s to today, Bollywood dance has been all about blending in Western pop culture. We’re talking hip hop, R’n’B, jazz funk – you name it! 

Bollywood dance classes are a fantastic way to get your groove on, learn some new moves, and maybe even make some friends along the way.

One big name in Bollywood choreography, Prabhu Deva, is all about this mashup style. He’s taken cues from big pop stars like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, creating dance routines that are out of this world! It’s like Bollywood is taking the best of both worlds and creating something totally unique!                                                                 

Can I Learn Bollywood Dance?

Ever wonder if you could learn those moves yourself? Well, guess what? You totally can! Learn Bollywood Dance is open to everyone, no fancy footwork required.

Bollywood dance is open to everyone, and because of its Western influences, much of the choreography can be broken down into familiar structures, which Americans will find easy to grasp. At its essence, Bollywood dance focuses on executing movements with elegance and flair, making them look effortless. While it draws from Indian classical dance, beginners need not feel intimidated. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to add some spice to your life, why not give Bollywood dance classes a try? You might surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it! Even those with minimal dance experience will find their footing in Bollywood dance quite quickly! Basic moves typically involve coordinating a two-step, hip sway, and accompanying arm gestures. Like any dance form, Bollywood is accessible to learn, but perfecting it requires practice and commitment!

Bollywood dance is like a big, fun party with all sorts of styles mixed in. There’s Bhangra, a happy and energetic folk dance, along with graceful moves from classical Indian dances. Plus, there’s even Bollywood hip-hop! So, whether you’ve never danced before or you’re a dancing pro, there’s something for you in Learn Bollywood Dance.

Get ready to shake it Bollywood style! Come join Sumeet’s  Step2Step Bollywood Dance Academy, the famous choreographer in London, for Bollywood dance classes. 

There’s no need to be a professional dancer – Sumeet’s Step2Step Bollywood dance Academy welcomes people of all experience levels. Let’s have some fun and learn some cool Bollywood moves together!


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